Criminals and our society

“Some people cannot be bought by gold or jewels. They just want to see the world burn.”

When a criminal is our centre of discussion,we need to have a clear idea on What is Crime ?Why does it take a second to tag one a criminal?Why does our society have some pre-conceived notions regarding the criminals?
But,as our world evolves,the definition of crime and criminal has also been changed from time to time even country to country.

Experts are pretty sure that no one is a born criminal but the situations, circumstances and social pressures make them the anti-social elements,more specifically they are deviant.

Psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud broadened the path to make generalizations as it emphasized as well as exposed the unconscious force of human.This is also a well-known fact that the distortion of the Id,Ego and Super-ego(the three layers of mind according to Freud) leads to criminal tendencies.

It has also been found in our society the uncontrolled desire for sexual intercourse can give birth to a pervert.He/she can do peculiar deeds,by collecting the undergarments,by seeking pleasure in voyeurism,and lastly they can also attempt  carnal abuse.Where in India,the number of rape cases are increasing gradually, there are so many cased has also been proved as false.The misuse theory of rape laws can make several other entanglements,but our society need to learn it properly that filling false cases is equally abominable just like committing a rape.The variations in social standards for encasing a criminal can lead to other dangers.

In the deeply twisted,intentionally manipulated mental maps of a criminal fail to show the reason behind his tendencies. But the internalized shame,bullies,grievances can lead to several dangerous overcomes.Some recent incidents of serial killing show us how the killer’s mind was devastated with greed and frustration. The parental pressures,skin-color prejudices, casteism,sexism, social injustice-everything equally contributed to make a killer from an innocent and peaceful individual.

Another big reason behind every crime attempt is poverty.For a poor man,it’s very difficult to refuse the monetary needs,he uses to live with.The inequal social norms,false morality and class-based prejudices never give us the chances to work for the uplifting of the marginalized. The young people are hardly given encourage for social Reformation. Rather than,almost all of them are forced for solving calculus,even if they are not willing.The bizarre connotations of career building and materialism do enough for attempting a crime.

The way,we treat and nurture our child hits us back with the bitter rewards.Anti-social activities are part of our society and unknowingly we all are engaged in this plethora of misdeeds.The active ones become infamous and we all thus pass our lives in false beliefs.The rapists,the killers,the robbers,the drug-peddlers; each and every ‘curse’of the society is actually the product of our falsehoods.

Lastly,we must think for the criminals for the well-being of the society,not only by punishing them.Without proper counselling and rehabilitation,we will fail to get back them to the glory of a healthy world.


Enrichment for gifted children

The proper identification of gifted child is a mandatory condition to provide proper educational curriculums.The most difficult problem before the educators is how to make provision for the education of gifted children,so that their potential ability may be developed to the maximum.
Authorities agree that whether a gifted child is taught in a regular class or a special class,he needs a greatly enriched curriculum. Qualitative enrichment broadens the oppurtunity to delve more deeply into the subtle and abstract aspects of the topic.Quantitative enrichment means-breath of work,an addition of units of work and participation in activities, like production of school magazines,plays,visits to libraries and so on.Additionally,they must be provided with a stimulating learning environment. There should be a special emphasis on creative ability, insight and social responsibilities.

Enrichment experiences are those,that let the gifted children investigate topics of interest in much greter detail than is ordinarily possible with standard school curriculum.Basically it involves the selection and organization of learning experiences and activities, appropriate to the child’s adequate development In this way enrichment of education should be considered to be a need of all students. But in case of gifted children,it will definitely meet an urgent need of giving them a greater variety of tasks at a more advanced level.The enrichment programme’s aim is to provide additional educational opportunities to gifted children.They show superior performances than the average students,so it’s necessary to nurture their creative needs with adequate counselling and provisions.The programmes may include-

  • Special assignments,which need in-depth study
  • Work on independent projects
  • Preparation of reports and participation in panel discussion
  • Independent library reading
  • Monitor system, in which intellectually advanced children help the lessable children’s academic work.
  • Experimentation and independent research.

The learning experience should be so enriched that gifted children may come across new and challenging works.

Enrichment of the learning experiences or programmes provided in the school is the most suitable plan for the education of the gifted children in our country. It not only provides facilities for the total development of the special abilities and potentialities of the child but also take care of the development of his total personality.Thus fulfilling the needs of the children,they will not suffer from any inadequacy in their education.The adjustment of a gifted child is also noted down by the enrichment method as it cannot hinder the self esteem of him.Enrichment provides all the essential facilities for a gifted child within the broad structure of educational system and doesn’t impose any extra hardships of financial burden on the educational institutions.

Psychologists and Educators consider this method as one of the best,as the other’s have certain drawbacks of minimizing the oppurtunists to nurture the special talents of gifted child.Whereas,enrichment programmes take care the overall abilities of them sufficiently.

Positive Psychology and Children

Psychology had three distinct missions : curing mental illness,making the lives of all people more productive and fulfilling and identifying and nurturing high talent.

Positive Psychology is an exciting applied branch which helps to get rid from the pathological thoughts that may arise in a hopeless mindset, and to instead, maintain a sense of optimism that allows for people to understand what makes life worth living.

For creating a fulfilling and highly motivated lifestyle,positive psychology is relevant.It thrives in Education for betterment of the students and embrace the positive energy within them.It is beneficial for students as it encourages for them to strive to do their best,whereas scolding can affect negatively in their performance.A positive school climate can preferably predict the better results and better adjustments of the students.They learn how to inhibit the negative emotions.

The experts can focus on the strengths of the students by several tests and can easily derive it and for offer them greater engagement, greater achievement and greater well-being.Negatives are largely avoided as these can lead to depression and melancholy in the students.

Relationships between constituencies are a critical factor in the positive school environment. The role of teachers in the development of elementary students is of particular importance. Secure childhood relationships provide a safe haven from which children can feel comfortable venturing out into an unknown world.By completing and sharing homeworks they can enhance their ability for socialization. As a result, these children are more likely to explore their surroundings, acquiring greater knowledge and psychological resources along the way.Apart from study,these students learn how to strengthen an interpersonal relationship and aware of the dimensions of different relationships.Research demonstrates that these resources end up building a foundation of confidence, trust, and self-efficacy that will serve children over the course of a lifetime. Children with secure relationships tend to grow up to be more compassionate, altruistic,free-thinking and empathetic.

Bleeding of a pervert

He,a handsome man acts as a fellatio expert.
Craving for a divine pleasure unconsciously from others.
Utopia if you can call,
He was driving his dreams on an erotic project.
He was so fucked up and failed.
Played merry-go-round with all of his muses.
They say he was searching for a story.
Veiled his allergy with imitation creams.
He was a worthless junkie,a voyeur!
He stripped multiple white girls on a wet,tumultuous night.
Fucked them all like a stud!
But see,he never had a choice
Obduracy of narratives killed him.

To the moral police,
He was a notorious armchair expert
dreamt of a death,by consuming heroin.
He fights a battle everyday
He may survive or not.
And for 20years he is living
Won’t recognize him anymore.

Minorities are disposable

Homosexuality or any kind of alternative sexuality is actually not a ‘drawing room’ topic to discuss with others publicly.In India,LGBT(Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transexual) community is criminalized under the section of 377.The community is outlawed by the mainsteam society and unfortunately it’s hard for them to find a considerable and dignified position in there.They cannot accept their sexual orientation in front of their parents and peers,because the fear of getting bullied.The insensitivity towards the whole community is actually a disgrace for a humankind.

I watched ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’,where Nargis Nasreen(played by Tannishtha Chatterjee),a fiercely rebel activist gave a speech on homosexuality, where she told-“In the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho,the crimilazitaion of homosexuality makes no sense”.

Now,if any members of the community is tortured or raped,then what will happen to them?Will they be able to confront against the crime or just try to forget the shock?As there is a stigma that homosexuals are criminals,as it is against the order of the nature.

Facebook user Arnav Barbaad (on 28th Dec,2016)shared his anger,grief and frustration through a recently happened terrible torture on his gay friend.

My friend was drugged, raped and assaulted today. However, he can’t report it to the police or he will be arrested with the rapist as well. Why? Because he’s a gay and he aspired for love and affection in a society that outlaws it for people like him

He’s a researcher at a top institution of India, he is also a screenplay writer and a poet, but nope, all that matters is his sexual orientation

I can only imagine the frustration, the anger, the helplessness he feels right now. Not only was his rights to his body breached, but his rapist gets to walk away free and continue with his heinous crimes without a single repercussion.

Oh and this wasn’t done by a lurker in one of those shady, isolated streets. The criminal is another student of the same prestigious university. Seems Delhi is equally unsafe for some men, but they don’t even legally have a voice

Laws in India can be damn funny at times 🙂”

The above post can be just a regular thinking of an empathetic person who feels certain level of ignominy towards his nation.

But if you dig deeper,the haunted speeches can make you feel battered.It was earlierly reported that some cops in Gujarat molested homosexuals in pride walk.Moreover when the victims protested and tried to get away,the cops started beating him up with sticks, abusing him all the time and remarking ‘jab poori duniya se marwai hai, toh humse bhi marwa le’ (when you have got fucked by the whole world, then get fucked by us too) .

The portrayal of gay men in mainstream media is tasteless and offensive.They have either feminine tone with ‘faggy”sissy’ costumes or just being considered as hypersexual in Bollywood(especially).Films like -‘Aigarh’ sometimes break all the stereotypes of gay characters,but that’s not enough to obviate the notions regarding homosexuality.

The constant agitatation of being marginalized, is actually killing the talented wannabes.The boy,who couldn’t fill complaint against his molester, can also attempt suicide tomorrow. As the days are passing, we will forget the whole incident and concentrate on another cases.

Like,Bangalore “mass molestation” case got much more hype and attention as the victims were ‘girl’ there.It was not necessary to know about the sexuality,they subscribed for.The incident might be a filthy one and the comment of ceratain politicians,regarding this was also imbearable.But as because in Delhi the victim was a male,too a ‘homosexual’ more specifically,his case become void and less saleable.

Now,I just want to ask a question-when will our moralist ‘sanskari’ society will compassionate to them and start to treat them as a human?…If that not happen,is not unfair to tag human as the ‘cruelest animal’.


Rolling over passion,
As if;
I am breaking the momentary volition.
Unbuttoning the nudity over sanity.
Locking myself to echo the perplexity where i live in.

Immersing in a malicious self-love that energizes through Onanism.
I see turbulent lust,with sadist sigh in my divan.
My sheets strip,my diary sleeps in a voyeuristic construction.

The politics under my body is anti-society.
It’s curving a niche for a dubious outcome.
Entrapped me,avoiding as usual the pretentious pity,
Lonely,too lonely,shattered;still undefeated is my lonely home.

The Poetry Of Body

The poetry of body never sees the light of shame.

The poetry of body dismisses the hollow path of fame.

Myths are originated by some trouble makers;

Those,who are termed as holy undertakers.

We see a poetry lining on a vagina,

Goes down when a woman menstruates.

The woman seeks some calmness,

Her man masturbates.

The poetry of body doesn’t shy to lust.

The poetry of body gives a spirit to blast.

Taboos are ostracized with erotic thumb.

Revolution isn’t going to numb.

The queer for love runs through thunderstorm.

Who is the State to make a norm?

The poetry of body will give the vacant space

To the youth for cutting the social lace.


Thus,I am breaking the moles.

It seemed like a ravenous trip,
I wander,i escaped from those bizarre lies.

Chilled with addiction.
Boosted with loneliness.
I couldn’t spare a self-amorous expression.
I touched my body,felt sorry for it.
I dremt of a lofty house,
Which was beyond my reach.

I touched it’s glittery lips,
Made love on holidays.
I realised it was ceremonial.

I am depressed,dejected fellow.
Come on,conquer me.
Show me how you assassinated.
But do it to make an impact.

Atleast try to do so.